Just over nine years ago, in 2009 it gave rise to the beginning of this great company that we know today as Vensava Entertainment. Its beginning constituted a long and dedicated work by its founders Monica Vensava and Tino Vensava and all those who believed in vision and were able to join the effort to form the team that in this present leads us to new horizons. Although it all started in a virtual way and still remains primarily so, Vensava Entertainment has been climbing to new levels and has been taking on different nuances, within the show world although keeping us all true to the dream visualised and the motivation that has brought us here today.


The motivational mission of Vensava Entertainment was next since its conception; give opportunity and recognition to emerging talent, both locally and from other states and countries, inside and outside the American Union. Great steps have been achieved and continued to be made for the benefit of those who have sought our support in such a way as to have an opportunity that others have denied them. We have also managed to position ourselves in a firmer way where we have managed to reach the laying with great figures of some of those talents that have been faithful to our mission.


Vensava Entertainment does its work in order to create and facilitate physical and/ or virtual platforms, based on exchanges, contracts and others in order to support our artistic community in different areas; Film, Radio, Television and the Arts and Show,



We also support and promote certain events with the representation of local talents, and thus help and support different communities. We also offer for-profit support and promotion to artists with respected and recognized artistic careers during their tours and concerts or unique performances.


If you are the manager, representative or artist and would like to contact us for an evaluation of your project and how we could fit in to work for the benefit of the project please click HERE and let's talk

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